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Branding is a powerful element in the marketing world, and there’s hardly a place where your brand is more on display than with your website.  Your website highlights your visual branding – your look – plus it offers your customers an experience and a feeling about your company.  These areas are the driving forces behind modern branding, and they are all intersect within your website.

Head’s Up – The Term “Branding” Has Evolved

It is important to note that while the term branding is widely used, it is often interpreted very differently among people who use it.  This is because the meaning of the term has evolved.

It used to be that the idea of a brand was mostly limited to the fixed pieces given to a product like its name, colors, and logo.  The goal was to distinguish a product from all other similar products on the on the shelves in stores.

Today marketers recognize that a brand encompasses much more.  A brand now involves the tangible fixed pieces plus the powerful emotional part that exists in a consumer’s mind.  This includes the feelings, expectations, and experiences that customers have when they engage with a brand.

Your website is a place where all parts of your branding intersect and strengthen your relationship with customers.  Your logo and design elements identify your company and products.  The emotions you stir through your photos, videos, written content, and more create a unique experience for your customers.  These elements help reinforce your brand’s promise – quality, value, experience.  Finally, your website should help generate next step actions which engage your visitors and build a relationship with them.

Websites and Branding – How Bellaworks Can Help

A website design and development project offers an important opportunity to carefully consider your brand and how it can better connect with your customers.  As such, Bellaworks begins every website project with conversations about a client’s brand, and we use this to drive many parts of the project.

Bellaworks focuses on the visual elements that come through in website design and in content writing.

We have two packages for creating a visual brand for a company or product.

The are described below:

I.  Basic Branding Elements

This level is best suited for small shops and start-ups who would like to take the first steps in selecting the visual elements that will define their company.  Deliverables include:

  • color palate selection (3)
  • typography selection (2 fonts)
  • general brand standards guidelines

II.  Next Level Branding

This package is a good fit for existing companies who have grown out of their start up identity and would like to pivot to a new look, name, or visual elements.  Deliverables include:

  • color palate selection (3)
  • typography selection (2 fonts)
  • general brand standards guidelines
  • business naming or renaming
  • business tagline
  • web standards (type and colors)

Talk with us about your company, and let’s take a look at your website and visual branding elements.  

Ready to start your project?

Ready to start your project?

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