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“Content is king” – you may have heard the phrase.  It’s true.

In a matter of seconds, visitors land on your website and decide if they want to do business with you.  In a few well-chosen words, you have to communicate your brand, your products and services, your edge, and prompt next step actions by your potential customers.

In today’s marketplace, the sales process is often led by customers.  They do loads of research and make many decisions before contacting you.  Good news is that if you make a compelling case through clear copy writing and qualify yourself as an expert with great solutions, you can win business before a client ever contacts you.  High quality copy writing can be your best sales person all day long.

Written content is also important for search engine optimization (SEO)   When users come to your site and stay to read your copy, your site is rewarded by the search engines.  New blog posts, news features and other updates help keep your site refreshed.  This is good for both your SEO and for sales.

Your content is where so many parts of your business and website strategy intersect, and the payoff on quality content writing is huge.  Engaging blog posts and clear copy writing are some of the best investments you can make in your brand and your business.

We collaborate with our clients to create the most compelling content within their budget.  Let’s discuss what services will best suit your business:  full content writing, content editing, content research and keyword identification, blog posts and social media post writing.


Ready to start your project?

Ready to start your project?

Download Our Free Guide - "Content That Connects"

A fresh look at content should be the starting point for anyone beginning a website project - whether it be a website refresh or a new site.

Download "Content That Connects," and you'll receive a full guide to getting started with your website project by looking at your content. You'll learn how to talk about your business, your services, and your value. All of this will help you think through the strategy behind your website.

Download Our Free Guide - "Content That Connects"

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