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Website Design

Bellaworks has been creating custom website designs in Charlotte, NC for over a decade now.  This is a superpower of our firm and is written into our name “Bella,” a word meaning beautiful in Italian.

A well-designed website works to connect quickly with customers, giving them valuable information fast.  In turn, visitors stay on your website and engage with your company instead of clicking off to find a better one.  Google rewards your website for the amount of time your visitors stay on it by increasing your SEO and the rate at which your website is returned in searches.

Your website is judged swiftly by visitors within a matter of split seconds.  Your website’s basic visual appeal – whether it is fresh and modern or obviously dated – has an immediate impact on whether visitors stay on your site.

Your potential customers are looking for information, solutions, the best person to solve their problems.  A website that has issues like being outdated, cluttered, confusing or slow can affect a customer’s perceived quality of your business.

Good website design builds brand confidence

Great visual appeal and website design enhance your company’s brand as well as your connection with visitors.  Your website design is where many elements come together to create an experience, a promise, and an expectation for your customers.

What kind of experience are your customers having on your website?  Our website designs are equal parts smart and beautiful.  Pretty is as pretty does, and our websites are built to help businesses perform.

Our process

Every project that we do begins with a full strategy and design process.  We work to understand your business or organization, your goals, and your expectations for your website.  We collaborate on solutions that can help you overcome pain points, engage with your customers, and grow.  We lead a full design process to coordinate your branding and the look you want to achieve.  In addition, we discuss your marketing efforts and collaborate on ways to boost your marketing results.

Our custom designs incorporate elements that are the right match for our clients.  We quarterback the production of various pieces such as graphics, artwork, photography, and video.  Each of these elements offers different opportunities.  Let us craft a plan that will help you reach your goals.

Ready to start your project?

Ready to start your project?

Download Our Free Guide - "Content That Connects"

A fresh look at content should be the starting point for anyone beginning a website project - whether it be a website refresh or a new site.

Download "Content That Connects," and you'll receive a full guide to getting started with your website project by looking at your content. You'll learn how to talk about your business, your services, and your value. All of this will help you think through the strategy behind your website.

Download Our Free Guide - "Content That Connects"

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