Dirty Detailing

When our client, Carson, a young former Legends race car driver, decided to create his own ideal summer job, his new company, Dirty Detailing was born. However, before jumping online with a website to advertise his business, Carson knew that he wanted to get one thing right – his logo.

Growing up in the race car industry Carson experienced firsthand the reach that branding can have. He saw how drivers with strong personal brands attract lucrative sponsorships from big company brands. These endorsements provide powerful financial support and fuel those drivers to bigger successes.

With an understanding of the importance of branding, Carson sought to launch his company with a high quality logo, and we were glad to partner with him on this.

Dirty Detailing’s logo has a very clean, modern style that emulates the movement in the racing industry and also of water and cleaning. It is simple and will render well in a variety of applications from website to car decals. And perhaps most importantly, it suits this young entrepreneur and is just cool!

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