Why Your Company Needs a New Website

Trying to Explain to Your Boss Why Your Company Needs a New Website?

June 7, 2018

In recent months, we have met with several millennials who have been on a mission to get their company to build a new website.  These millennials are impressive.  They instinctively understand the power and importance of a company’s web presence and are highly motivated to grow their businesses.

Many describe their company’s owners as being hesitant to undertake a website redesign, but once they get the “green light” to “look into a new website,” we meet to discuss the possibilities.  They return to their company and face the challenge of convincing older senior managers why a new website would be a great investment.

We want to help millennials and other savvy professionals communicate to their bosses why it is time for a website refresh or redo.  You know your site’s not working, but how do you effectively explain this to people who think it’s fine?

Here are some topics to think about that can help identify the pieces that are missing and the opportunities for improvement.  These topics can help your management team see that same old company site in a different way.  We want you to get both the “yes, look into a new website” and the “yes, let’s build it.”

Once Upon a Time?

Does your website tell the story of your company at another point in time?  In today’s economy, companies can experience significant growth even in a short period of time.  If your site does not reflect your company’s current level of expertise, it’s a great time to reposition, showcase your best work, and get credit for your experience.

You Do What?

Can your visitors figure out what your company does within about 5 seconds of landing on your site?  Has your company’s tagline and elevator pitch changed?  Visitors generally have a problem to solve or something they want to buy, and they want to qualify you and find out quickly if you have what they need.

Long Overdue for a Spring Cleaning? 

Clients come to us with cluttered sites all the time.  We hear that a site has been in use for years and now “no one can find anything.”  If your site has an old design and has become cluttered with years of additions, it’s time to get back to basics.  Your visitors need to be able to scan your site on a mobile device and get what they need quickly.

Who Do I Call?

Does your site easily convert visitors?  Has your process for taking inquiries changed or does it need to?  Clear contact info and calls to action are a must for engaging with your audience.

Do We Use Any of This Anymore?

Do you have a blog that hasn’t been updated in years?  Photographs of employees who no longer work at your company?  Portfolios that are outdated?  Rest assured, you’re not alone.  Reconsider the strategy behind how you use your website.

Stuck in 2016?

In the last two years, mobile viewing of websites has overtaken viewing on personal computers.  In fact, mobile responsive sites are now industry standard, and if yours isn’t responsive, it’s time for a rebuild.  A good mobile design supports everything else – your user experience, potential conversions, and ranking within search results.

 Are You Secure?

Installing a website security certificate (SSL), which gives your site the “https” in your domain, has become a best practice.  A SSL encrypts all information that is transmitted to and from your site, protecting both your site and your users.  A side benefit of an SSL is that your site will be viewed more positively by search engines, boosting you in search results.

Another aspect of security to consider is whether or not it’s time to protect some of the information you post on your website.  Maybe you would like to put certain information on a password protected page so that it is viewable only by certain clients or vendors.  Or, maybe your users should have their own log in.

Millennials know it.  Your company’s website is a critical tool.  When you “get the green light” to pursue a new website, call Bellaworks.  We will make sure that your customers connect with your company quickly and effortlessly.

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