6 Reasons Why You Should Use Video On Your Website’s Home Page

June 27, 2022

Over the last couple of years, our Charlotte website design clients have been making some really fantastic use of high-quality video. With the changes that are underway with Google Analytics, video stands to offer even more benefits to the companies who incorporate it into their website. If you’re considering a website design project, you’ve probably thought about what kind of photos that you’ll use. However, have you considered adding video footage?

Here are 6 reasons why you should.

Boost Your SEO 

Google Analytics has been overhauled, and the way Google tracks website “bounces” has completely changed. Google now tracks what it calls “Engagement Rates.” If a person comes to your website and stays for 10 seconds or longer, your site gets credit for engaging a visitor. This is also the case if a visitor has at least two pageviews or completes a conversion event, such as clicking on a call-to-action button. The more people who come to your website and “engage,” according to Google’s definition, the better it is for your search results ranking.

Because a video can command a person’s attention for longer than a still photo, using video footage is an excellent way to drive visitor engagement and to boost your position in search. Video combined with well written copy plus a catchy call-to-action button is even better!

Instant Branding

A video provides an unmatched opportunity to communicate an experience, a community of people, and sense of place. It instantly gives visitors a feeling of “ah, so that’s what it’s all about.” In seconds, videos can illustrate an atmosphere and setting. Is this experience formal or casual? Outdoor, indoor, or both? It shows the people who are involved and their age, ethnicity, vibe and even characteristics like whether they have mobility challenges or other accessibility issues.

Add Movement

When we plan website design projects, we often look for ways to incorporate movement into a website. This can make a site more appealing and interesting for visitors. Movement can be accomplished in a variety of ways such as by using custom animations or sliding sections. However, nothing beats the movement that a video can offer on a website.

Show a Variety of Services or Activities

One of our most long-standing Charlotte website design clients is the US National Whitewater Center. If you know about Whitewater, then you probably know that there’s so much more to do there than just rafting and kayaking! The homepage video provides a perfect place for them to highlight the wide variety of activities that are offered at the Center. Further, the video allows them to also capitalize on other areas that we’ve covered, like movement, branding, and SEO, which are also very important to them.

Show Size/Scale

Have you ever tried to take a photo of a beautiful place and thought that the photo just didn’t capture it? We get it. When our clients want to show the scale and how impressive a location is, video is always the best bet. In fact, aerial footage using drones is often the most effective way to capture the scale of a location.

Check out this video that our client Big Beverages uses on their homepage. Big Beverages is a new bottling company that has quickly grown. They want to show their state-of-the art facility and how large and pristine it is. Mission accomplished.

Add Human Connection and Emotion

In a digital world, one of the elements that always makes a difference is showing human faces and emotion. People connect with people. People do business with people. Showing a video that truly captures human energy and emotion is a powerful component to add to a website.

Our friends and clients at The Institute for Speech and Debate could have settled for a nice group photo to use at the top of their website. Instead, they are using a short, dynamic video loop that brings their summer program to life. It contains an aerial shot that also shows the size of a summer camp session along with the energy of the group.

Bellaworks Can Help

Adding a video to your home page is a small change that can make a big difference. Contact our team, and let’s make a plan for using video to engage with your website’s visitors. We can recommend what to shoot and connect you with the right professionals to get it done.



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