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Solutions Fuel Bellaworks’ Partnership with MyTownhome

February 8, 2018

As custom website developers, we are particularly passionate about two parts of our business.  The first is connecting clients with creative solutions that support the growth of their business.  The second is providing the highest level of service while we do this.  It is a bonus when we have the honor of working with clients over the long haul, enhancing their online presence as internet technology changes and their business grows.  Our work with local real estate entrepreneur TJ Larsen, owner of the My Townhome companies, exemplifies all of this.  We are proud to share a little about our work with his company.

Bellaworks has worked with Larsen over the past ten years to help realize his goals of putting the full extent of the web to work for his real estate business.  Larsen recognized early on that strategic use of internet tools could help change the way realtors connect with clients and prospects.  As Larsen’s business has grown, Bellaworks has created new sites for him.  These include,,, and  These sites integrate with each other, expertly deliver high quality information, and convert visitors into qualified sales leads.  Bellaworks has been an ongoing partner, providing the most current tools and performing updates every step of the way.

IDX Service

One of the first key solutions that Larsen partnered with Bellaworks to implement was the use of a highly custom IDX listing aggregate service through local provider Davis Farrell.  An IDX (internet data exchange) allows a method for extracting data from the Carolinas MLS (multiple listing service) and delivering it to a website for public viewing.  Bellaworks’ web developers custom code the IDX to integrate seamlessly into both the design and function of Larsen’s websites.  Larsen and his agents are able to provide oodles of real estate search features that pertain to the target market of his sites.  Visitors can obtain real estate listing information while staying on his site.  This helps convert visitors into clients.

Infusion Soft 

With this critical conversion step in mind, Larsen took his sites to the next level by working with Bellaworks to incorporate Infusion Soft products.  This allows him to convert site visitors into prospects by capturing valuable lead generating contact information.  This feeds into a customer relationship management tool that connects his agents with a fantastic pool of potential buyers and sellers, fueling his business and providing a truly unmatched web presence and lead generation ability.

Rest API

As Larsen’s sites grew, updating the same information in multiple places on his websites became cumbersome.  For example, when a realtor would join or leave the company, their information would need to be added or removed in multiple places across separate sites.  Bellaworks proposed and integrated the use of Rest API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) programming as a way to deal with this issue.  This improvement allows Larsen’s team to easily make updates to some of their most important information.  They can do this on their own and in one portal, a huge time and budget saver.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, websites are a critical tool for connecting with customers and turning leads into sales.  Larsen was one of the first in Charlotte to capitalize on the reach of this tool.  We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with Larsen, and we continue to be inspired by the success our partnership has helped create.

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