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Custom Web Solutions

Custom Web Solutions

Bring us a challenge that your business has, a wish list, or a goal.  We can draw upon our experience integrating custom web applications, WordPress plugins and more to solve problems for your business.  

New applications and software programs are constantly being developed, and these programs continue to change the way we all do business.  They can automate processes, take payment, capture leads and more. We can tap into the latest and greatest digital tools and put them to work for you.

Here are a few examples of custom development that we’ve done to help our clients use their websites better.

WordPress API Automates

One of our long-time clients is a real estate agency that has four websites.  The firm shows the same big group of agents on each website. Updating a new agent on every site is a redundant and cumbersome task.  So, we implemented a WordPress API that stores agent profiles on a parent site and then feeds these profiles into additional sites. Now, in order to update an agent’s profile, changes only need to be made in one place and the updates will feed through to all other websites.

Custom App Collects and Logs Feedback from Medical Patients

A rheumatoid arthritis doctor wanted to identify and log specific areas of the body where his patients were experiencing joint pain.  We built a program viewable on an iPad that has an interactive skeleton. On this skeleton, patients can select each painful joint and indicate levels of pain.  This information is recorded in a database for the doctor to reference later.

Zoom, WordPress, LearnDash Combine to Sell Courses Online

We integrated three applications – Zoom, WordPress, and LearnDash – for a client who sells continuing education courses online for anesthesia techs.  Their fully online business has hundreds of customers, so a smooth experience for users and the business owner is a must. Customers are now able to log in, choose a course, watch it, take tests, and track continuing education credit hours.  Best of all, we automated some processes that our client had been doing manually. Our client and her customers both benefit from the new integrations.

We love implementing solutions that return value to your business.  Talk with us about your company – what do you wish you could automate?  How could you better connect with your customers?

Ready to start your project?

Ready to start your project?

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