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Secure your site with an SSL or Security Certificate

March 3, 2017

When Google offers recommendations for your website, website owners should take notice. Recently, Google announced that they will start marking sites without https sites as, non-secure. If your site doesn’t currently utilize an SSL, you should. Secure your site with an SSL Security Certificate today.

What do you look for?

Look up at the address bar in your browser. What do you see? Do you see this?
site with ssl


Or this?
Not secure

Moving towards a more secure web

In an effort to make browsing and sharing data on the web more secure, Google is changing the way it marks non-secure sites. In the past, it has had a “neutral” indicator when sites are not using https. Now it will explicitly label these sites as, “non-secure”. For now, it’s a subtle warning as Google hopes to convince people to secure their site. But they make it very clear that they will start to change the way a site is marked non-secure. If you don’t secure your site, your visitors may soon see a warning like this:

Not secure





Secure your site

It’s pretty easy to secure your site and we can help. It starts with issuing a certificate for your domain on your site’s server. Then, we make sure everything in the code uses https for any resources. That’s it in a nutshell; your connection from the server to a visitor’s computer will be encrypted.

In an age of internet spam and hackers wanting to cause harm to your site, you don’t want your visitors wondering if it’s safe to visit your site. Secure your site today!

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