Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association

We have launched a new site for Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association. PDRA was an existing WordPress site that was on a basic template. Often times, organizations go with a pre-built WordPress template for their site as an inexpensive way to build a presence on the web. Then, as the organization grows, or they add services, these templates simply cannot cover what they need to do or promote.


Customizing is what Bellaworks does best. We never start with a pre-built theme. All of our code is ours and starts from scratch. We do not limit our clients to existing solutions. If you need custom functionality, or a unique look to enforce your brand, this is what we do best.

Less is More

It may sound backward, but going with a pre-built template often overwhelms the user because there are so many options. Developers of these themes try and package as many options as they can think of to cater to as many people as possible. We do the opposite. We strip them down and give you exactly what you need, and nothing  more. Clearing the clutter helps with usability and that’s what we want.


Simply stated, we solve problems. We don’t give clients things they don’t need. We listen, then we solve.

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