Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association

We have launched a new site for Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association. PDRA was an existing WordPress site that was on a basic template. Often times, organizations go with a pre-built WordPress template for their site as an inexpensive way to build a presence on the web. Then, as the organization grows, or they add services, these templates simply cannot cover what they need to do or promote.


Customizing is what Bellaworks does best. We never start with a pre-built theme. All of our code is ours and starts from scratch. We do not limit our clients to existing solutions. If you need custom functionality, or a unique look to enforce your brand, this is what we do best.

Less is More

It may sound backward, but going with a pre-built template often overwhelms the user because there are so many options. Developers of these themes try and package as many options as they can think of to cater to as many people as possible. We do the opposite. We strip them down and give you exactly what you need, and nothing  more. Clearing the clutter helps with usability and that’s what we want.


Simply stated, we solve problems. We don’t give clients things they don’t need. We listen, then we solve.

Belle Properties

We have launched another website, BelleProperties.com. Belle is a lot like Bellaworks, because like us, Belle’s mission is to provide a quality, client-oriented experience to every customer. 90% of Belle’s customers are from referrals, friends, and family –  a testament to the quality of care they give their clients.

Belle Properties have offered the “Belle Experience” to Charlotte since 2004. Relationships are the focus; property just happens to be the medium. And Bellaworks is happy to be part of the team to tell their story.

DAS Architecture

We are excited to announce the launch of DAS Architecture, Inc’s new custom website. Based in Historic South End, DAS Architecture provides commercial, retail, industrial, and multi-family design services. Their new site features a custom portfolio showcasing their work in these industries. Within the portfolio, we created a filtering capability. This allows users to quickly click through the various categories and see projects they have completed in each industry.

The responsive design allows you to access the same optimized content on all screen sizes, so check out DAS Architecture’s new site to see the custom design and functionality.

WKWW Architects

Bellaworks has just launched a new site for WKWW Architects. Established in 1956 to design church architecture, WKWW has designed over 500 churches over North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. With so many projects, an extensive portfolio was created to showcase all the different types of work. The projects are categorized and ordered according to the client’s preference. We also configured the site so that the client could reorder their projects easily and by category, if a project spanned multiple categories.

Lily Rose Bridal

We have launched a new site for Lily Rose Bridal. Offering the latest designer gowns, one on one service and in-house alterations, The Lily Rose bridal boutique ensures you will feel beautiful walking down the aisle.

We created a custom site that focused on the collections of each type of dress and their designers. Wedding dresses, bridesmaids, and flower girls are all categorized and showcased by the designers allowing for easy navigation to see all the types and styles they offer.

We are excited how this site turned out. So please check it out!


Ram Construction

Ram Construction, a new site by Bellaworks Web Design. Ram Construction is a company focused on custom homes, renovations, and additions. Ram is a one-stop design-build that specializes in the craftsman/bungalow style. Bellaworks created a custom WordPress site to showcase their different properties and completed projects.

KEITH WESOLOWSKIRam’s homes are beautiful, but our favorite part of the site is profiling the leaders of Ram Construction. Instead of just another profile picture, they were able to commission portraits of themselves from their children. Please view this amazing work here.

Thanks Ram, it was a pleasure to work with you and enjoy your new site.

New Site: A Clearing in the Forest – Kim Love Stump

Bellaworks Web Design is excited to launch a new site for,  Kim Love Stump. The site is about her as an author, and to help promote her new book, “A Clearing in the Forest“. You can read more about Kim, signup for her book launch updates, and see where she will be appearing. Be sure to check out Kim’s 365 Project where she gives a daily update about her experience in writing her new book.

The site was done in WordPress to give Kim the ability to easily update her site and add new content. One unique feature is her 365 Project. Kim’s updates are done through Tumblr so Bellaworks created a special page that will feed the updates through the site automatically.

We’re excited for Kim and her new Book!

MATRAC Healthcare Coalition | NC’s State Medical Response System

We have launched a new site for MATRAC Healthcare Coalition. MATRAC is part of North Carolina’s State Medical Response System (SMRS). A system of community response partners including public health, Emergency Medical Services, long-term care, community health care centers, hospitals, State Medical Assistance Teams (SMAT), and the Mountain Region Medical Reserve Corps (MRMRC). The men and women of MATRAC are dedicated to organizing health care assets like disaster training for response personnel.

What MATRAC Needed as State Medical Response System

MATRAC needed the ability to organize healthcare assets through planning, information sharing, and coordination. Through the website, MATRAC wanted to highlight their service area, events, and notices in an organized fashion.

The Website

There are many unique features to the MATRAC website. Using WordPress, Bellaworks offered all the traditional functions including a news feed, categorizing, and page support. Extending the functionality, the site contains a few extra capabilities that were requested. One of those capabilities highlights the service areas featuring an interactive map. Another function was the ability to toggle between the two faces of the organization acting as two sites within one. Finally, a warning banner that can be toggled in the event of an important notice that needs to be displayed prominently.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.13.05 PM

Site Launch: Primax Properties, LLC

Bellaworks was thrilled to be selected by Primax Properties for the development of its corporate website. This Charlotte-based real estate development and property management company has completed over 750 projects in 33 states! Check out the custom markets map we developed to showcase their impressive geographic range and project experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.13.02 PM